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New “Must-See” Viral Video Mocks Wokeness: What Kind of Workplace Will You Leave Your Children?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

RedBalloon and The BiG Agency have partnered to produce a national ad campaign that challenges wokeness in the workplace.

The video pokes fun at the woke workplace and asks the question, “What kind of workplace are you leaving your children?”

“Every man needs to ask, ‘Am I leaving the next generation with a better world?’” said RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes, “Our new video shows the kind of workplace the woke crowd is creating. Do you really want that for your children?”

The video ridicules the toxic nature of a woke office where workplace collaboration, creativity, and even basic business sense are set aside for the sake of ideology.

“Wokeness is destroying brands, polarizing consumers and killing creativity,” said BiG’s Brett Craig, the creative mastermind responsible for the Dr. Pepper’s Fansville and Lil’ Sweet campaign and for Taco Bell’s Ronald McDonald Loves Taco Bell Breakfast campaign.

“The BiG Agency wants to get back to creating advertising that delights and engages consumers, instead of imposing an ideology on them,” Craig said.

The new ad speaks for the majority of Americans who prefer that politics be kept out of the workplace.

“The pushback against ‘woke’ is gaining new traction in the American marketplace, and RedBalloon’s new ad campaign demonstrates the power of the growing anti-woke message,” said Crapuchettes. “The new ad is awesome, funny, and cuts to the heart of the woke nonsense in the workplace. We’re grateful to BiG for producing this powerful message, and we’re eager to distribute this nationwide.”

In conjunction with this new campaign, RedBalloon has also launched a new webpage dedicated just to employers who are looking for ethical, reliable, values-aligned talent.

Thousands of employers are finding success on RedBalloon.

Check out our new employer page and post your open positions with today.

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