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New Ranking Reveals 2023’s Most Business Friendly States

CNBC’s annual ranking of states shows that 8 of the top 10 ranked by economic development are Red States, and 9 of the top 10 ranked by business-friendly policies are Red States.

“This should not come as a surprise, as woke ideology continues to hurt these bigger blue states,” said RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes. “While much of the blue world is focused on DEI and other woke virtue signaling, businesses are self-selecting those states that focus on policies that help businesses grow and thrive in today’s tough economy.”

The free-market needs freedom to thrive. That means lower taxes, less regulation, strong infrastructure, and an educated, work-ready workforce. That’s why it should also be no surprise that the bottom 10 in pro-business policies include two of the nation’s largest states: New York and California.

“There’s an ongoing exodus from New York and California to places like Florida and Texas,” continued Crapuchettes. “We’ve labeled this the great sort, as businesses and families seek out more friendly policies in which to establish their roots.”

“This helps explain how California went from a $55 billion budget surplus last year to a $32 billion deficit this year,” said Crapuchettes. “As more producers leave the state, the higher the percentage of those who draw resources from the government.” Top Ten States for Economic Development

  1. Florida

  2. Texas

  3. North Carolina

  4. Georgia

  5. Tennessee

  6. Utah

  7. South Carolina

  8. Idaho

  9. Indiana

  10. Delaware

Top Ten Business Friendly States

  1. North Dakota

  2. South Dakota

  3. Wyoming

  4. Montana

  5. New Hampshire

  6. Virginia

  7. Utah

  8. Nebraska

  9. Nevada

  10. North Carolina

To see the full list, click HERE.

To watch our breaking news video, click here:

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