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Our New Profile Search Tool Speeds Up Your Hiring Process by Putting you In Control

Updated: Jul 22’s new profile search tools will dramatically improve your hiring process. That’s because you can now search our entire proprietary job-seeker database, looking for your unique skill needs.

When you find profiles that may be a good fit, you’re able to preview the job seeker qualifications and experience. Then, you use the profile search “credits” to unlock the contact information for only those job seekers who are the best fit.

This puts you firmly in control, and you no longer need to “post and pray” that job seekers find your job posting.

Gone are the days that you have to waste time wading through a sea of irrelevant resumes or hoping for a stroke of luck.

Here’s the specifics:

1. Search for the Skills You Need: Use our user-friendly interface to search for specific skills or expertise that align with your job requirements. Our database is brimming with diverse and talented individuals eagerly seeking new opportunities.

2. Preview Their Experience: Once you find a candidate who looks to be a good fit, you can dive into their profile to preview their experience, qualifications, and achievements. Get a glimpse of what they can bring to your team before making any contact.

3. Unlock Their Contact Information: When you've found the perfect match, unlock their contact information using your profile search credits. This feature empowers you to reach out directly to the candidates you believe are the best fit for your organization.

As a special welcome offer, all new customers will receive 10 extra profile search credits. This bonus allows you to experience the full potential of our profile search from the get-go. Additionally, for our small business and enterprise customers, we're providing free credits every month, which accumulate over time. It's our way of supporting your hiring efforts and helping you build the dream team you envision.

At RedBalloon, we understand that your company's success hinges on the talent you attract and retain. Our mission is to make the hiring process more efficient and effective for businesses of all sizes. With our profile search feature, you no longer need to rely on luck to find the right candidates. Be proactive, take charge, and discover the best talent in the market.

Visit RedBalloon now and unlock the potential of our profile search. Your dream team awaits!

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