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Parler's Courageous Comeback with CPO Mike Hebert

Producer Notes

After a career in tech that took him to places like,, and edX, Mike Hebert joined the pro-free-speech platform Parler. Within hours of starting his new job as COO of Parler, Mike Hebert and the rest of the company were shocked to discover that Amazon, Google, and Apple had launched a coordinated attack to make the #1 app disappear from the internet.

Mike talks about Parler’s courageous comeback, the Indie Tech Council – of which Parler and RedBalloon are founding members – and how those of us in woke jobs can start taking action today to get us closer to pro-freedom work.

Mike Talks About...

  • His career in tech included stops at,, and edX.

  • Mike's jobs in tech were initially exciting and fulfilling, but around 2015 he noticed a transition that made work feel more like participation in a sociopolitical movement, and not one that Mike supported.

  • Mike's first day at Parler ended in disaster, with the realization that Amazon, Apple, and Google had taken them down in an unprecedented, coordinated effort.

  • Mike recently left his life-long home to relocate with Parler to Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Parler discovered that not all investors are woke.

  • Mike used his experience designing networking events for the movers and shakers of the tech world to inspire the creation of an Indie Tech Council, a group of pro-freedom tech companies that are working together to create a parallel tech ecosystem.

  • Mike shares how fun it is to work in a company where he can freely express himself in person and online.

Katie's Favorite Quotes "I know a lot of you hold back because you're afraid, but let me tell you, there is nothing more freeing than being yourself and being authentic."

-Mike Hebert

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Use your time well. If you are in a woke company that you want to leave, now is the time to build your income shield, develop your ideas, and expand your network.

Step 2: If you haven’t yet, subscribe to the The Courageous Economy, rate & review the show, and share with a friend!

In this Episode

I remember when Parler was turning heads with nearly a million new users in a single week, and I remember everyone’s shock when Amazon, Apple, and Google made their unprecedented attack.

Big Tech showed that they felt truly threatened by the pro-freedom platform, and that they had more power than any of us knew. But their tactics inspired an entire ecosystem of pro-freedom technology companies that are chipping away at Big Tech’s power every day.

RedBalloon is proud to partner with Parler as founding members of the Indie Tech Council, building a parallel technology sector that values free speech and pro-American values. I'll make sure to keep you updated on all Indie Tech Council developments over the coming weeks!

From all of us here at Team RedBalloon, have a great week!

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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