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Pet Project: How One Business Revamped Her Workplace Culture

How can you improve your business if your employees don’t agree with your basic workplace values?

That’s a question Julianna Carella was confronted with as her Nashville area small business Treatibles emerged from the COVID pandemic.

When COVID hit, Julianna discovered deep divisions among her staff over core issues like healthcare freedom – divisions that threatened the very survival of her animal healthcare company.

In the past, she regularly used LinkedIn to find job seekers. But had she included health topics like healthcare freedom, COVID, or vaccines in her job postings, LinkedIn would have labeled them as insensitive, and removed them from the site.

However, as COVID created new business survival challenges, Julianna quickly realized that many of her employees didn’t align with her business philosophy and workplace culture.

That’s when RedBalloon caught Julianna’s eye, particularly as she learned that people who had been cancelled for concerns over COVID vaccines were now finding pro-freedom employers at RedBalloon.

Bingo! That’s exactly what Julianna needed—a hybrid job board that connected values-aligned job seekers and companies.

Since then, Julianna has found multiple employees using RedBalloon -- people who now hold leadership positions within the company and have brought a positive work ethic that improved overall team morale.

“RedBalloon funneled all my choices down to show me people on the same page as me,” Julianna explained. “And that enabled me to grow a team that I’m philosophically aligned with.”

Do you want to find workers that share the same values as you? If you, like Julianna, want to hire employees who work hard and align with your workplace values, then check out

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