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PRESS RELEASE: Labor Day Renaissance: What We Need to Restore the American Worker

Labor Day Renaissance: What We Need to Restore the American Worker

Wokeness in the workplace leads to unhappiness and disenfranchisement. Freedom is the cure.

(Moscow, Idaho) - September 5, 2022 – Just as early labor leaders pushed to end abusive child labor practices and establish wage and weekly hour standards to improve conditions for the American worker, today that same spirit is desperately needed to free employees from a modern tyranny – that of wokeism.

That’s why, this Labor Day, RedBalloon is calling on a renewed renaissance in the American labor market – one that reestablishes the joy of work and the freedom of self-expression, without the angry and judgmental browbeating from woke elites.

For over 200 years, the American worker has set the United States' economy above the rest of the world. It is the American small business owner, entrepreneur, and employee that has distinguished this as the historically most free market. Labor Day is a day set apart to celebrate the achievements of the everyday working men and women, whose fruit we still enjoy to this day.

“Labor Day is one of the greatest holidays in the United States, because not only does it commemorate the contribution of every American worker to the American Dream, but it also reminds us of how free-thinking people can adjust and improve conditions for all,” Andrew Crapuchettes, Chief Executive Officer of RedBalloon, said. “Today, we have a rigid and abusive woke elite who are demanding conformity with oppressive practices that sap the joy and motivation of the American worker. That’s why I’m calling on a renaissance in the labor market, one that frees the American worker from woke nonsense and allows for the restoration of the joy of work.”

“We have much to give thanks for today, but every generation must stand up to protect and defend the freedom we enjoy – whether that’s on the political front or the labor market,” continued Crapuchettes. “From corporate boards to supervisors to ‘diversity, equity and inclusion consultants, todays’ workforce is filled with negative messages and unfair roadblocks for those who are achievers. Let’s throw off these bonds that limit our workforce and hold back our nation’s productivity. Let’s declare a new front in the ongoing struggle for freedom.”

If you would like to interview Andrew Crapuchettes about how the “Labor Day Renaissance”, contact Isaac Lopez at (208) 997 – 8013 or


RedBalloon is a pro-freedom job board that launched in the fall of 2021, championing the opportunity for oppressed workers to connect with employers that will evaluate them based on the quality of their work and not their view of politics. To find out more, explore

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