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PRESS RELEASE: Pro-Freedom Job Board Expands Services into Canada

Pro-Freedom Job Board Expands Services into Canada and Liberty Coalition Canada Announce Partnership to Connect Canadian Jobseekers with “Non-woke” Employers

(Moscow, Idaho) - September 13, 2022 – The demand for non-woke employers is at an all-time high in Canada, so and Liberty Coalition Canada are partnering to connect Canadian jobseekers with pro-freedom employers. In its first year, the American job board has delivered tens of thousands of American jobseekers from woke companies into values-aligned businesses. Similarly, millions of Canadians are looking to escape oppressive woke policies like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives or Critical Race Theory training for healthy, productive work cultures.

“The ability to go to work without being guilted and oppressed is a good that is in global demand,” Andrew Crapuchettes, Chief Executive Officer at, said. “We are excited to assist in the rebuilding of the freedom movement in the Canadian workplace.”

Liberty Coalition Canada (LCC) has a network of over two hundred thousand listeners that include thousands of job seekers and hundreds of business owners and employers who just want to work without fear of cancellation and discrimination for their viewpoints. LCC wants to provide its viewership with an opportunity to connect with values-aligned businesses.

“Our fellow Canadians have endured tyrannical governmental overreach in the last few years, and we would like to do whatever we can to help them eliminate that in their day-to-day lives,” Andrew DeBartolo, Director of Operations for Liberty Coalition Canada, said. “The combined efforts of our two organizations will be able to help thousands of Canadians experience better workplace alignments and hire quality candidates that won’t be a snowflake in the Human Resource Department.”

“Our Canadian counterparts have endured more than what American jobseekers and employers have had to endure in the last few years,” Andrew Crapuchettes said. “The defense of workplace freedom is an urgent need, and we are optimistic that this is the next step in balancing the culture wars once again in all of North America.”

If you would like to interview Andrew Crapuchettes, contact Isaac Lopez at (208) 997 – 8013 or If you would like to interview Andrew DeBartolo, contact Andrew DeBartolo at


RedBalloon is a pro-freedom job board that launched in the fall of 2021, championing the opportunity for oppressed workers to connect with employers that will evaluate them based on the quality of their work and not their view of politics. They also offer the Freedom Academy that helps employers and business owners develop healthy and productive work cultures. To find out more, explore

Liberty Coalition Canada was founded by several clergies in January 2021 as a formalization of activity to externalize and assert the ideas presented in the Niagara Declaration (, which was drafted by Joe Boot, Aaron Rock, Michael Thiessen, and Andre Schutten. LCC quickly became a national movement, with representatives joining from all over Canada. Read more here:

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