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PRESS RELEASE: RedBalloon Legal Releases New Report: The Employee Bill of Rights


Monday, September 19, 2022

Media Contact: Isaac Lopez

(208) 997 8013,

RedBalloon Legal Releases New Report: The Employee Bill of Rights

Provides the definitive guide for employee rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

(Moscow, Idaho) - September 19, 2022 – RedBalloon Legal released today a major new report, entitledThe Employee Bill of Rights and Responsibilities,” which will provide American workers with a definitive guide to understand their rights and protections when faced with woke mandates in the workplace.

“Workers have rights, and not just when they’re choosing to reject pronoun nonsense,” said RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes. “Too many workplaces have become overrun with the belief that all employees must think and act the same within the liberal work culture. But the law says otherwise, and employees understanding their rights is a first step in pushing back against oppressive workplace ideologies.”

Drafted by the RedBalloon legal team, the Employee Bill of Rights and Responsibilities addresses topics of pay, speech, organizing groups and other areas where traditional non-woke employees now find themselves under fire.

“Most employees are familiar with the right to complain. It’s everywhere, that’s why we have overgrown HR departments. But at the same time, we have heard from many hard-working employees who don’t want to cause trouble, but do want their values to be respected.” Laura Baxter, RedBalloon Labor Lawyer, said. “Without knowing the legal basics, freedom-loving Americans can be frozen by doubt. It’s time for employees to know their rights and take action on behalf of themselves and their families -- and against the oppressive policies in corporate America.”

“Every day we read a new story about someone being fired for refusing to use pronouns, or someone is harassed because they are registered with the wrong political party,” Andrew Crapuchettes said. “But these employees have rights that they can, and should assert in these situations, and that’s where the Employee Bill of Rights can help.”

“Work should be enjoyable and fulfilling, but angry and demanding woke rules have fostered distrust, division, and disconnection for employees,” continued Crapuchettes. “That’s one reason why RedBalloon has undergone tremendous growth. People are wanting to get away from the nonsense and invest themselves in their work, in their trade, and in their calling.”

The guide was authored by RedBalloon’s Labor Lawyer, Laura Baxter, a graduate of Harvard Law School. She has practiced labor and employment law for over twenty years.

Download the complete guide here. If you would like to interview Andrew Crapuchettes or Laura Baxter, contact Isaac Lopez at (208) 997 – 8013 or


RedBalloon is a pro-freedom job board that launched in the fall of 2021, championing the opportunity for oppressed workers to connect with employers that will evaluate them based on the quality of their work and not their view of politics. To find out more, explore

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