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Pro-Freedom Radio Ad Gets Canceled by Mainstream Radio Station Managers

RedBalloon’s latest ad is hot off the press but gaining cold shoulders and reactions from many radio station managers in Dallas.

This no-nonsense commercial was not received well by mainstream radio station managers with the ad having been rejected by 5 stations in the Dallas Fort Worth market, including the biggest conservative talk station.

But RedBalloon CEO, Andrew Crapuchettes, said, "We wanted to voice the sentiments of countless job seekers who have shared their experiences with us. Our ad is a reflection of their stories, and it's clear that this authenticity is making some radio stations uneasy."

These rejections reveal the tension between the approach of the ad and the mainstream corporate narrative. However, RedBalloon remains committed to bringing attention to the concerns of employees and employers alike.

CEO, Andrew Crapuchettes, concluded that “Look, we’re going to continue telling the story of the forgotten workers, those who bear the brunt of the woke virtue signaling that takes place in corporations across America.”

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