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RedBalloon Launches Campaign to Connect Freedom Economy Companies with Trusted Business Services --- First Up: G7 Networking announced today a new, year-long campaign to highlight reliable and trusted business services for other Freedom Economy businesses. First up on that list is G7, a faith-based networking group for business professionals, whose mission is to connect and build trusted relationships that drive growth.


“Look, Ben Franklin said it best, that we must all hang together, or we’ll hang separate,” said RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes.  “The Freedom Economy has rocketed off the launchpad, and now we need to pool our economic buying power and build our collective network as we continue growing our footprint in the US economy.”  


"We’re proud to recommend G7 Networking to Freedom Economy businesses,” continued Crapuchettes. “G7 is facilitating trust amongst a large swath of companies and decision makers. Their influence and expertise in the business space is growing, and we are confident in recommending them as a business-growth resource.” 


“We believe people of faith need to be more intentional about supporting each other,” Bob Wilbanks CEO of G7 said, “For companies to grow and succeed, they need to hire people they can trust, which is why we are partnering with the great team at RedBalloon.” 


G7 Networking joins a growing list of RedBalloon’s Freedom Economy networking partners, including TurningPoint USAPublicSquare, National Religious Broadcasters Association, the US Christian Chamber of Commerce, and many others.

Andrew Crapuchettes finished by saying, “By standing together, we can drive growth and success in each other’s businesses and lives.”

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