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RedBalloon Merch Has Landed!

Don't just talk about freedom - wear it too!

This Christmas, it feels harder than ever to celebrate the holidays – but it’s also more important than ever to get into the spirit of the season.

Not only are the dire predictions about supply chain issues affecting the Christmas festivities for many, but there’s also the obvious tyranny that is being thoughtlessly wielded by our government – with many jobs and livelihoods lost as a result. On top of all that, the rising tide of wokeness threatens even more livelihoods of workers across the nation. But amid all these challenges, THERE’S STILL HOPE!

Don't panic - celebrate!

Do I sound crazy to you? "What’s there to celebrate, Crapuchettes?" Well, we can start by celebrating Christmas and everything it means. In fact, maybe it’s a better year than ever to spread the true meaning of Christmas!

But I see another reason to celebrate when I think about the brave team here at RedBalloon. Our team has decided to stand against tyranny and wokeism, and they are doing whatever it takes to help people preserve their livelihoods.

Human beings are funny sometimes. Too often we see problems, talk about them for a while, then move on. Not this time. This Christmas, I am celebrating the fact that people from all over the country aren’t just talking about problems – they’re taking action. Aside from the thousands of employers and job seekers who are using RedBalloon’s job board to pursue freedom in the workplace, we have seen hundreds of thousands of people stopping by the website, hungry for freedom (and that’s just in the few months we’ve been around!).

You are not alone!

This balloon ride has convinced me that WE are the majority, and that WE have momentum like never before. There’s a lot of work still to do, but every time another American stands up, we get closer to turning the tide.

We launched our merch store to accommodate the freedom fans who don’t just want to talk about freedom, but wear it too. From men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, to backpacks and drinkware, we have all kinds of ways to sport the pro-freedom message around your community! And if you think of something you want that we’re not featuring yet, let me know! If the Merch store ends up anything like the Job Board and Marketplace, it’s bound to make a big splash among the pro-freedom community. Check out the RedBalloon Store here, and join us in supporting the cause of freedom. Happy shopping!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Andrew Crapuchettes CEO,

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