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RedBalloon on ABC News: “Employers Finding It Difficult to Hire Motivated College Grads”

RedBalloon [unites] businesses and job seekers who, value and preserve the freedom to work.” - ABC News Bay Area

(Moscow, Idaho) – RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes joined ABC7 News yesterday discussing a new report about how recent college grads are emotionally unprepared for today’s workplace. Read about it here. You can also watch Andrew’s clip here.

"They're now getting to that real world. They're getting to an office environment where there's a lot of tension with coworkers, there's an opportunity to get fired or get a demotion, and they're just not ready for it," Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO and founder of said.

“What we're hearing over and over again is that young people don't want to work. They simply are a generation that hasn't been hungry," continued Crapuchettes.

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RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes is a longtime business leader, entrepreneur, and innovator in the technology industry. He has founded several successful tech-focused companies and is widely considered a global pioneer in the development and use of labor market data analytics – an industry he helped found over 20 years ago. He served as the founding CEO of Emsi (now Lightcast) - which brought market-changing innovations to how higher education, corporations, and governments approach the labor market.

In 2021, Andrew founded RedBalloon, which has quickly become America’s largest connectors of employers and job seekers who prioritize workplace culture. Crapuchettes’ is a frequent presenter at technology and business conferences, and a frequent guest on business and technology news and influencer podcasts.

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