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RedBalloon on Forbes: As DEI Practices Codify Workplace Discrimination, Employees Are Tuning Out

According to a recent study from, a whopping 96% of workers say they are looking for a new job this year, with one-fourth saying that a “toxic workplace” is the reason they want to move.

Why are people so fed up with their workplace?

There’s plenty of evidence that the growing wave of diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) trainings and policies are creating toxic workplaces that pit employees against each other and destroy company culture.

In fact, a recent study found that 91% of employees have been required to attend DEI trainings in the past year, while only 67% have been required to attend skills training. That imbalance demonstrates the problem with today’s workplace culture. The focus is not on skills and excellence, but rather on other factors like ethnicity, gender, and even political ideology.

Many employees also live in silence, fearing that if their political ideology is “found-out” by woke HR representatives, they’ll be passed over for promotion, or even worse, cancelled from their job. A study by Alliance Defending Freedom found that 3 in 5 employees feared sharing, in a respectful way, their political or religious views in the workplace.

And, it’s telling that social media is filled with stories of conservatives being cancelled from their jobs because of their political beliefs, but hardly a single story of the same happening to liberals.

This is the topic that RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes recently discussed on Forbes’ podcast Forbes Talks.

“There’s a growing dissatisfaction among employees, and a growing contentiousness and divisiveness in the workplace that has been brought about by the unfair and discriminatory practices of the DEI evangelists,” Andrew Crapuchettes told Forbes. “People want to build their careers around their skills and work product. Employees thrive when they’re recognized for their achievements and excellence. That’s why DEI is so destructive to workplace culture.”

“Many of the candidates coming to RedBalloon are head and shoulders above what employers are currently getting from Indeed or Zip Recruiter, but what’s interesting is that many of them have a little PTSD about being discriminated against in the workplace, and so they ask the employer a lot of questions about ‘are you going to treat me fairly, are you going to give me freedom, or are you going to discriminate against me in the future?’”

“Employers tell me that every hire that they get from is cleansing to their culture, not because they are based on skin color or ethnicity or any of those things, but based on the fact that they just show up and they work hard. And that is what employers today are looking for,” concluded Crapuchettes.

The growing backlash against DEI policies has helped grow into the nation’s largest pro-freedom job board and talent connector.

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