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RedBalloon Partners with Christian Employers Alliance to Connect JobSeekers and Christian Employers

(Moscow, ID) – RedBalloon announced today that it is partnering with Christian Employers Alliance (CEA) to help their member-companies identify values-aligned talent. CEA joins a growing list of organizations partnering with RedBalloon who are looking for mission-aligned job seekers, including Public Square and Children's Health Defense, among others.

“Hiring in today’s world can be a real challenge, particularly when looking for mission-aligned talent who will grow and strengthen your workplace culture,” said RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes. “We are excited to partner with the Christian Employers Alliance network as they serve as a shield and a voice in the defense of Christian business owners.”

“We appreciate our partnership with RedBalloon to equip our employers with mission-driven employees who share their values,” said Shannon O. Royce, JD, President of CEA. “And this partnership is just one of the many benefits CEA offers to Christian businesses and organizations.”

RedBalloon is America’s largest connector of employers and employees who prioritize a positive workplace culture free from the divisiveness of cancel-culture mandates. RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes is a longtime business leader, entrepreneur, and innovator who has founded several successful tech companies, and is widely considered a global pioneer in the development and use of labor market data analytics – an industry he helped found over 20 years ago.

Christian Employers Alliance represents for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations of all shapes, sizes, industries, and geographical footprints. At CEA, we are driven by the purpose of courageously defending the freedoms of Christian business owners. Our logo showcases the enduring support of CEA in our role as a watchman and protector to guide the collective impact of Christian business owners. Shannon Royce has a long and distinguished career of representing Christian interests in the public square.

For more information visit our websites at and Christian Employers Alliance. To schedule an interview, contact Isaac Lopez at or Catherine Snow at


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