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RedBalloon Partners with Siri & Glimstad to Help Small Businesses Understand Worker Immigration Law

At RedBalloon, we strongly urge employers to look to America first for their hiring needs. But, throughout US history, there have been instances where talent needs to be secured from other nations.

Understanding how to secure a worker visa, or navigate other aspects to legally and safely access foreign talent, is essential for small business owners.

That’s why is partnering with Siri & Glimstad to release a guide that will help small businesses access that talent.

“U.S. companies wanting to legally sponsor key foreign workers must navigate a complex matrix of US immigration laws and procedures,” said Immigration Attorney Peter Yost. “That is why we are excited to partner with RedBalloon to bring this guide to as many business owners and hiring managers as possible.”

Despite the disastrous border policies of the current Administration, there is a rich history of the US attracting and admitting the best-and-brightest talent from around the world into the US.

“The labor shortage and low US labor force participation has a strangle hold on small businesses,” RedBalloon CEO, Andrew Crapuchettes, said. “Large corporations have teams of attorneys that navigate immigration law, but small businesses are at a distinct disadvantage. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Siri & Glimstad to help RedBalloon and non-RedBalloon customers find great talent in a difficult time.”

You can download your free copy of this guide here.

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