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RedBalloon Reacts to Mandate Rollbacks in Blue States

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 15, 2022 Press Contact: Kim Doster

MOSCOW, ID – Pro-freedom career network issued a statement today in response to a wave of deep-blue states and cities announcing the repeal of vaccine and mask mandates.

“This is a tremendous win for freedom in blue states. American citizens should not have to choose between individual liberties and their preferred state of residence,” remarked CEO Andrew Crapuchettes. “While we are thrilled to see more states finally relinquishing power back to their citizens, we recognize that this progress is limited, and these mandates should have never been enforced in this country.”

While much of the nation has stood against mask and vaccine mandates for months, deep blue regions have been much slower to repeal these ineffective safety measures. California’s mask requirement for vaccinated people ends today, though CA schools will still require students to mask up in the classroom. Washington DC recently announced the repeal of its vaccine-or-mask requirement, and both Chicago and Philadelphia are considering an easing of their widely criticized rules to provide proof of vaccination to enter public spaces.

“America was founded on the premise that its citizens should be free. Many of our state and local governments seem to have forgotten that mission,” continued Crapuchettes. “RedBalloon will continue to promote freedom in American workplaces, and we will take action to ensure that Americans’ liberties are not ignored like this in the future.”


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