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RedBalloon CEO Responds to CA Assembly Bill 1993

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

"AB 1993 is a reprehensible power grab by a tyrannical state government..."

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 11, 2022 Press contact: Kim Doster

MOSCOW, ID – RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes issued a statement today in response to Assembly Bill 1993, introduced yesterday by California Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks.

“Since when does a government have the right to force medical procedures on its citizens?” asked Crapuchettes. “AB 1993 is not about protecting the health and safety of Californians. It’s not based on scientific decisions. The American people are tired of power grabs like AB 1993 which seeks to steal their freedom through an arbitrary, irresponsible law.”

AB 1993 would require vaccinations of all California workers as a condition of employment unless they have an exemption based on a medical condition, disability, or religious beliefs. The bill was introduced despite multiple clinical studies now reporting reduced efficacy of vaccines over time. The bill also ignores natural immunity, which studies have shown is more effective in reducing transmission than vaccination alone.

“We encourage Americans in California and across the US to speak out against this bill and pledge to use their power to stand for our Constitutional rights. Californians should consider voting with their feet, and moving to states that actually respect freedom,” continued Crapuchettes. “RedBalloon will continue to be a haven for people who want to work freely, to provide for their families, without fear of forced vaccination or political agendas affecting their workplace. We invite all California business owners and job seekers to defy this bill and join us on”


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