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RedBalloon Rising: Blessing Others

Dear RedBalloon Community,

I hope your Labor day weekend was full of blessings, quality time with friends and family, great food, and the opportunity to slow down and be grateful for the good things going on in your life. I find it helps to look for encouragement in the positive aspects of life, rather than dwelling on the difficulties. Challenges are real and must be solved, but dwelling on them will only slow you down and rob you of joy.

This week at RedBalloon we had 10,000 visitors for the second week in a row, and we hit a major milestone - enlisting over 100 employers who are looking for talented, freedom-focused employees! If you know people or businesses in your area who love freedom and want to get work done, please spread the word to them. The bigger the RedBalloon community, the better we can support all of you!

Speaking of support, here are just a few of the encouraging notes we received this week:

I stand with you for the cause of freedom my friend!
Grateful for this encouragement; it was aimed right at me (even though you didn’t know it Andrew). Proud to have my resume up on RedBalloon!
Andrew, may God bless you and your team. Keep on doing the good work. I will inform as many as I can on South Africa's side. Thank you very much again!

Why yes - we even have people in South Africa using RedBalloon! You are not alone - people all over the world want the freedom to work! We have also added areas in Canada to the site this week. If there is a country you would like to see added to the site, drop us a line and let us know!

I am truly grateful to be standing with you for the cause of freedom. Please let me know how RedBalloon can support you. We take all your feedback to heart and greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for partnering with us in this important work.

Have a great week,

Andrew Crapuchettes


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