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RedBalloon Rising: Freedom is in High Demand

Another week in the books, another win in the books.

Dear RedBalloon Community,

I was blessed to participate in several media events this week that helped spread the word about the “Freedom to Work” movement. A couple highlights were our feature with Kennedy on Fox Business, which boosted our message to yet another nationwide audience, and the Speak Truth Without Fear show with Jordan Sarmo on Instagram Live, which expanded our Instagram audience by over 750%! We also saw exploding growth in the numbers of RedBalloon employers and job seekers. Freedom is in high demand these days!

Another exciting event this week was our partnership with Anteris Alliance, a group of employers from all over the country who believe in freedom. These companies make it their mission to support Veterans and First Responders with their businesses in a variety of ways. We’ve been encouraged to hear from others in the RedBalloon community such as veteran-run organizations and, who are also working hard to help service members who are faced with abrupt transitions.

We hear tons of heart-wrenching stories about people losing their jobs - their ability to feed their families - and being treated like second-class citizens because they wouldn’t take the vax. It is a sad moment in American history for that reason, but we are also hearing the other side - stories of success, courage, and hope! Here is one story that a RedBalloon real estate agent told me:

I had a phone call last week from someone trying to get out of a large metro. They said they needed a job and a house. After I explained to them that I could help on the house front, I said jobs are outside of my wheelhouse, but I told them about They called me two days later to let me know that they had found a job on RedBalloon, applied for the job, done two interviews, and got the job… Now, how about that house!

Isn’t that fantastic?! So have courage. Be ambitious. These connections sometimes take time, but they are happening! Bless someone you know this week who needs to be encouraged. Tell them about Remind them that they are not alone, and that there is a whole community of people who are pursuing freedom together.

And THANK YOU for being part of this remarkable story!

Have a good weekend,

Andrew Crapuchettes

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