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RedBalloon Rising: Gaining Momentum

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Dear RedBalloon Community,

Happy Monday! Last week, I attended the Fight Laugh Feast conference in Nashville, TN. It was a party! Thank you to everyone there for your encouragement and support!

We continue to be blessed here at RedBalloon by all the amazing stories and people (like you!) who are interacting with us. The work is hard, but the reward is sweet. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

The media has also been paying attention. Turns out, the message of freedom is novel enough these days that people want to hear about it. You can find my short interview on ABC here, as well as a mention in The New York Times, and a feature in Business Insider!

There are now 127 employers and 875 registered job seekers using RedBalloon - in addition to the thousands of visitors who have not yet registered, but are scouring the site for their next job opportunity! These numbers are incredibly encouraging. Many people have been kind enough to send uplifting notes and emails like the one below:

Hi Andrew, I just saw your website for the first time recently and decided to send a quick email. I was canceled from my teaching job for my opposition to critical race theory. I have two bachelor's degrees and 22 yrs of teaching experience. I was at the top of my career when covid and CRT destroyed it. I am now 53 and no one will hire me. I do have a part time job making $13.50/hr., but have a family and could sure use a bit more in the wage category. I am overqualified as far as education goes, but under qualified in the industrial, manufacturing, and sales worlds. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks a million!

So please pass along RedBalloon to anyone you know who is in a position to hire great people and be a blessing to them and their families. You never know who may be discouraged at work and looking for a new opportunity! We are all in this together and we are so grateful for your participation.

One last thought for you: if you are an employer on RedBalloon, you are doing so much more than just posting jobs! You are building your brand. You are telling the world what kind of employer you are: an employer who believes in freedom and respects your employees enough to treat them like adults.

A business who believes in the promise of America and wants your employees to experience that promise too. Being a member of RedBalloon is about more than recruiting great people to be a part of your business, and providing a livelihood for their families. The RedBalloon community is showing freedom-loving Americans all over the country that they are NOT ALONE!

Thank you for being a part of this important work, and let’s make it a great week!


Andrew Crapuchettes CEO,

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