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RedBalloon Rising: The Power of Encouragement

Dear RedBalloon Community,

What a week!

We posted a job on our own site for a Head of Customer Service last Thursday and have received over 25 amazing applicants. I think this is a testament to the community of people that we are blessed with on

We have heard the same thing from other businesses who are overwhelmed with the best kind of candidates - the kind that just want to work.

It is also fun to see that freedom is in such high demand in America. This last week we have enjoyed significant media attention for the work that we are doing! We were featured live on The Highwire with Del Bigtree, had a wonderful conversation with Stacy on the Right, made two appearances with Tim Jones on Wake Up Springfield and NewsTalkSTL, and were highlighted in the San Diego media market!

I want to share a couple of notes from this week that are very similar to notes that we get every day:

SO THANKFUL that you are making this available. This kind of entrepreneurship is what will save us all. I’m telling everyone I know about you guys; business owners and job seekers alike. So glad you’re here. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

I felt compelled to email and applaud you for your efforts in supporting Patriotism in our country by starting a company to staff and care for conservative organizations in Moscow and across our great country. Thank you for your great idea and for taking action even during a wildly turbulent time. I am committed to watching your job boards, and sharing your company with conservative friends and organizations. Thank you for your commitment to freedom! God Bless your good work!

For you employers out there, please keep posting jobs! This is all made possible because you chose to step up and stand for freedom. We have now reached almost 250,000 unique visitors to, looking for freedom and their next great job.

When you post a job, you not only get access to fantastic job seekers, you also provide encouragement to the millions of Americans who want to know that they have a choice - that they don’t have to get the shot or be politically correct to keep their jobs - and that there are employers out there who will respect their rights.

So thank you - and keep up the great work!


Andrew Crapuchettes


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