• Jonathan Crapuchettes

RedBalloon Statement on NYC Vaccine Mandate

“These mandates are a punitive, socialist-style power grab by the outgoing mayor of New York City”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 8, 2021 Press Contact: Kim Doster Kim@RedBalloon.work

RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes released a statement today in response to the heavy-handed vaccine mandates announced by New York City mayor Bill De Blasio earlier this week.

“These mandates are a punitive, socialist-style power grab by the outgoing mayor of New York City,” commented RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes. “These mandates will only serve to further punish an already crippled local economy. Freedom to work is a cornerstone of the American economy, and I urge Mayor-Elect Adams to rescind this draconian, unconstitutional mandate as his first act in office.”

RedBalloon, the revolutionary job board focused on connecting pro-freedom job seekers with like-minded employers, has made a big push in New York City – even featuring a billboard in iconic Times Square. RedBalloon has thrived across the nation, despite the historic labor shortage further exasperated by lockdowns, business closures, and government handouts. Now, RedBalloon is encouraging its NYC-based employers to go anonymous.

“We still want to encourage pro-freedom businesses in New York City to stand for the constitutional rights of their workers and customers,” continued Crapuchettes. “But we want to enable them to do so safely, without risking their ability to do business. We founded Anonymous Balloon to allow employers to find the best talent without putting their companies at risk of shutdown.”

More information can be found at www.RedBalloon.work.


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