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Saving America – One Small Business at a Time with Grace Speese

Notes from the Producer

Grace Speese became the Director of the Farmer’s Branch Chamber of Commerce just months before the American economy was suddenly shut down in 2020. She not only stood up to local government for small business freedom, but used her creativity and grit to support her business community when her funding was subsequently cut.

Grace shares the ways she is solving local workforce problems, supporting young people, bringing the community together, and celebrating traditional values. Her story of courage as a Chamber of Commerce Director, woman of faith, and proud American will inspire you to save America too – one community at a time.

Grace Talks About

  • How she views her role as the Director of the Chamber of Commerce - to be the voice of business to the government.

  • Her vision and determination to build up the chamber of commerce so that local businesses could have a voice, and the impact it had on her community.

  • How her businesses wanted freedom over the mask issue, and how her budget was cut after she spoke out to local government for business freedom.

  • The chamber's Workforce Success Bootcamps for local high school students, and how they focused on developing professional skills and emotional intelligence in the workplace.

  • Grace's vision for growing the program to help develop the next generation of leaders and employees.

  • How the US. Workforce Participation Rate for 16-19 year old workers in 2000 was nearly 50%, and how that number dropped to only 30% by 2020.

  • The National Day of Prayer event that the Chamber of Commerce hosted.

  • Grace's advice for conservatives who want to make a difference in their communities.

Katie's Favorite Quotes

"Listen to the needs…not the agendas…do that, and you will do good work."

“I think that's really what we need is people who are done shrinking to the agendas and the powers that be...I'm not trying to ruffle feathers and offend people, but I'm really trying to honor our businesses, and honor traditional American values.”

"You will be challenged, you will be questioned, you will be beaten down and intimidated by people, but you just keep standing back up and moving forward in the direction that you feel called."

- Grace Speese

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Take a stand against the powers that be, and get back up when you get knocked down.

Step 2: Listen to the needs around you, and look for ways to bless your community. If you need resources for something like a Workforce Bootcamp for high school students, or a National Day of Prayer event that supports your local community, reach out to Grace at

In this Episode

I hope this episode gave you some ideas for how you could invest in your community and its future workforce. There is no better time for action. If we don’t prepare our young people to be tomorrow’s courageous workforce, our economy will only continue to suffer. And if we don't honor and protect traditional American values now, they just might disappear.

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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