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Speak Truth Without Fear with Jordan Sarmo

Jordan Sarmo was a career musician who kept his political views to himself when he started noticing cancel culture in the entertainment industry. That all changed when he went to Washington on January 6, 2021, and witnessed the corporate media’s lies and distortions about the events of that day. He was inspired to start speaking the truth without fear, and is now helping his fellow Americans do the same.

Jordan shares insights from the entertainment industry, talks about how education and entertainment are shaping the political views of America’s next generation, and the profound impact that speaking the truth without fear has had on his personal life and career.

Jordan Talks About...

  • Being a touring musician, producer, and writer working with many artists in multiple genres.

  • Jordan lost nearly all of his income streams over the course of a few days when the lockdowns started in Los Angeles.

  • He discovered cancel culture in 2016 when he posted a picture of himself at a Trump rally and immediately lost gigs and writing opportunities.

  • The extreme differences between Jordan’s experience of the January 6th Rally and the corporate media’s version.

  • His January 6 documentation and social media posts led founding the Speak Truth Without Fear movement, and Jordan’s work as a voice for conservative courage.

  • Love Letter to America by Tomas Schuman.

  • The influences behind Disney, Universal, and major media outlets, and how Harvey Weinstein exemplifies the culture that is shared by leaders in the entertainment industry.

  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy fear.

  • How speaking the truth without fear has positively affected Jordan's personal and life and career.

  • Jordan’s new business, and how being a bold conservative has impacted it.

  • How Speak Truth Without Fear focuses on practical ways to impact our country, and how pro-freedom Floridians recently flipped 27 of 30 school boards from blue to red in recent elections.

Katie's Favorite Quotes

“I thought I was going to lose everything – I gained everything.”

“We are where we are today because of our silence, because of our fear.”

“We've got enough sheep. We need more lions. And the moment that a lion steps out, those sheep will come over to the pack and you’ll actually turn them into a lion yourself.”

- Jordan Sarmo

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Read Love Letter to America and think about how education and media has influenced you, and how they are forming the coming generations.

Step 2: Find your pack. You can go to events like Jordan, find a community locally or online, but network with like-minded people wherever you are.

Step 3: If you haven’t yet, subscribe to The Courageous Economy, rate & review the show,

and share with a friend!

In this Episode

Love Letter to America by Tomas Schuman

Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky


If you enjoy listening to our Courageous Economy guests, you will probably enjoy a Speak Truth Without Fear Instagram Live! Don't forget - you are not alone!

I hope you take Jordan’s advice to heart and find a freedom-loving community wherever you are.

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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