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State of the Union: Small Business Owners Voice Their Middle-America Priorities for SOTU


America’s small business owners hold a definitively strong opinion about what the President needs to address in the upcoming State of the Union.

This is according to a recent national survey of 80,000 small business owners – the Freedom Economy Index – which is a joint project of PublicSquare and

When asked, 46% of small business owners said the President must address US border security, a result nearly four times that of the second biggest response of “government spending and debt.” 

“Small business owners join most of America in expressing their alarm at the state of our border,” said RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes. “If these business owners managed their businesses the same way the Biden Administration has managed our border, they would all be out of business. That’s a fact.” 

10% of respondents said election and government integrity was most important. Interestingly, one of the Administration’s top priorities, “foreign policy/Ukraine/Israel/China,” was a priority for just 1.7% of small business owners, ranking at the bottom. 

“There is a huge disconnect between our government and the business owners who drive our economy,” continued Crapuchettes. “The message from America’s small business community is that this Administration needs to take care of America’s needs first.” 

Small business owners have made it clear which issues they need to see addressed in the next State of the Union Address. This disconnect between their needs and the government’s focus needs to be addressed if the current Admin wants to survive Election Day. Download the full February Freedom Economy Index here. 

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