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Strict Vaccine Mandates Pre-Maturely Creating Veterans

The COVID-19 vaccine mandate in the United States military is forcing thousands of soldiers to become pre-mature veterans through unapproved religious exemptions. News broke in July that more than 60,000 soldiers were losing pay and benefits due to refusing the vaccine. 40,000 National Guard and 22,000 Reserve service members refused to take the COVID-19 vaccines. More troubling than this was the fact that "none of the 3,000 religious exemption requests filed by those in the Guard and Reserve were granted."

This is now an ongoing trend as the United States Army updated its COVID-19 vaccination statistics as of October 13, 2022. Of the "Permanent Religious" exemptions requested only 0.01% were approved. 4,589 exemptions were requested, and there were only 52 that were approved!

The Air Force is hesitant to hand out religious exemptions as well. Out of 4,400 religious exemptions requested by service members, only 21 were granted. That is less than 0.01%!

The United States Military is penalizing the kind of service members that we need to successfully defend our country. Our soldiers ought to have the backbone and courage to do the right thing - but those are now the virtues we suspend without pay.

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