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Supreme Court Strikes Down DEI College Admissions. Is Workplace DEI Next?

In a major blow to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) doctrine, the Supreme Court struck down DEI-based racial discrimination in college admissions. The decision handed down Thursday morning also provides a foundation for workplace related actions against DEI racial discrimination.

“This is a huge statement by the Supreme Court, and one that’s sure to impact not just college admissions, but the broader workplace culture in America,” said RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes. “The ruling basically labels race-based DEI policies unconstitutional, which means there’s a hurricane of constitutional reckoning coming to America’s woke workplaces.”

RedBalloon has been on the forefront of exposing DEI’s unconstitutional policies and just completed the third installment of a ground-breaking series on how DEI destroys workplace culture.

“DEI's exclusionary nature breeds distrust and divisiveness, leading to an ineffective work culture. This is evidenced by the record-low employee engagement rate and the 75-year low productivity rate,” stated Crapuchettes.

Woke workplace DEI policies have been using ethnicity as the criteria for hiring, for promotion, for training, and for other benefits, excluding other employees solely based on racial quotas. That has led to tremendous dissatisfaction with the American workplace, and an historic drop in workplace productiveness.

See our latest blog post on DEI’s destructive policies here.

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