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Taking Back America with Michael Seifert

Notes from the Producer:

Michael Seifert has pulled gutsy stunts before - like climbing Mount Everest (multiple times, without oxygen) - but founding Public Square (PublicSq.) is one of the most courageous things he has done. Pushing through threats and opposition, Michael has recently launched a revolutionary app that unites freedom-loving businesses and individuals throughout all 50 states. If you love freedom and the constitution, support the family unit, and oppose divisive identity politics and infringement on medical freedom, then you'll want to know about this resource.

Public Square empowers freedom-loving Americans at the local level through three remarkable resources -

The Marketplace: A curated digital network of businesses that share your values and want to serve you.

The Community: Where freedom-loving Americans can connect with each other around causes and lifestyle topics they care about.

The Fountain: the ultimate library of resources to empower and equip individuals to live out their pro-freedom values.

Michael talks about:

  • How San Diego-based PublicSq. is only 6 months in and already live in 17 states with the rest of the 50 coming in 2022.

  • PublicSq is not only a FREE app, but there are ambassadors and community managers who can help you get the most out of it.

  • The opposition that PublicSq. has faced, including "every threat in the book," social media slander and hit pieces, which has only served to fuel the exciting mission of the company.

  • How Starbucks not only burns your coffee, but donates to organizations that hate you (if you are a pro-freedom American).

  • The B2B Marketplace coming in the next couple months, and the values-aligned partnerships already forming in various industries through the app.

  • The response from users who describe the liberating feel of coming out as a conservative and finally being able to publicly live their values.

Katie’s Favorite Quotes:

“I was very intrigued by people like John Locke and Thomas Paine and different writers and thinkers that have made the United States so special because they saw this glimpse of possibility for a free nation – truly free – where the power was in the hands of ‘we the people.’ All of those philosophical and political concepts have informed what we’re doing today with this platform.”

“We’ve tried to make it so that you can have ownership at the local level, and you can actually take back your community with the power of your wallet.”

“It’s seasons of history like this that legends are made, that people get remembered, that actions get taken that define generations and create legacies for your grandchildren and your grandchildren’s grandchildren.”

-Michael Seifert

In this Episode:

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Take the leap of faith. Wave your flag. You’ll be glad you did when you experience the liberation of living according to your values.

Step 2: Take 30 seconds to get the free PublicSq app and start connecting! If PublicSq isn’t live in your state yet, get on the waitlist and be ready for your state to launch this summer!

Step 3: If you’re interested in following the story of PublicSq, you can follow @OfficialPublicSq on Instagram. You can also stay updated on the intersection of politics, technology, and freedom with @RealMichaelSeifert.

Thanks for coming along for this week's ride! Join me next week for another trip through The Courageous Economy!

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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