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The DEI Dilemma: Are US Companies Quietly Discarding Diversity Initiatives?

In recent years, the US workplace has witnessed a significant effort to enforce towards Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies. These initiatives claim that they would foster equality and inclusivity, but they have actually sowed divisiveness in the workplace making the workforce ineffective.

Throughout this summer we released three reports outlining the three elements of DEI, which shed light on how these policies really just leading to division, exclusion, and ultimately render the workplace ineffective.

While the report compiles data from respected institutions like Resume Builder, McKinsey, and Gallup, it also includes exclusive data from the July Freedom Economy Index that shows what small business owners think of DEI policies for the workplace.

The Freedom Economy Index, a joint survey conducted by RedBalloon and PublicSq. of 50,000 small businesses includes presents unheard of insight on what these business owners think about policy, the economy, and trending political news. When asking these businesses what they thought about DEI nearly 65% of respondents said that they were concerned with the impact of DEI on US businesses and economy.

Diversity for diversity’s sake is a flawed approach, and a more holistic approach that emphasizes and rewards individual achievements and abilities while promoting equal opportunity builds a thriving workplace where all have the chance to be the best they can.

So, to promote a large-scale return to meritocratic hiring across America, for the very first time we are combining our three releases on DEI into one comprehensive report which you can now claim for free here.

Find the full results of the FEI here.

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