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The Freedom Economy Rates the Job Performance of US Government

In light of the recent speakership fight, here's how small businesses in the freedom economy rate the job performance of the US government.The Freedom Economy Index, a joint project PublicSq. and RedBalloon, surveyed over 60,000 small businesses that are not aligned with either the Democratic or Republican parties; in fact, it harbors significant skepticism towards politicians from both sides.

The September survey found that small business owners perceive runaway government

spending, mounting debt, and excessive regulations as formidable obstacles to their success.

97% of the small business owners do not believe congress or the President will EVER act to reduce the massive national debt.

An overwhelming 85% wanted the Republican congress to stand firm on not raising the debt ceiling. This stance reflects their concerns over the dire implications of the huge $33 trillion US national debt on the economy, believing the national debt has a direct negative impact on their business.

These small business owners are accustomed to balancing their budgets every single day, and they have to watch a rogue government unwilling to do the same, spurring inflation and hurting the US economy at large.

When the GOP voted to raise the debt ceiling last week, they went against the sentiment of the vast majority of this important voting bloc. A direct result of this poor representation was the leadership change in the Republican Congress.

The Freedom Economy is calling for fiscal responsibility and government accountability. They want to see the same responsibility and initiative they display every day at work, displayed by those they elect and pay to lead the nation.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the latest insights on the thriving Freedom Economy releasing on Thursday, October 4.

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