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The Growing Freedom Economy is Featured on Forbes

Andrew Crapuchettes, the CEO of RedBalloon, appeared on a Forbes Talks to discuss RedBalloon, cancel culture, and the impact that diversity initiatives are having in corporate America.

Andrew explained that RedBalloon launched after he was replaced as CEO in a $50-million data and software company he had helped build from the ground-up and run for 20 years. Why was he removed? Because he was an unapologetic conservative Christian CEO, and after the company had been sold, the new Board felt he would not be a good fit for the direction of the company.

That’s when he started RedBalloon—to help companies who valued freedom find values-aligned workers.

When asked about the diversity initiatives in the workplace, Andrew said that the real discrimination is being perpetrated by DEI policies, “They're discriminating against people based on their gender, based on their skin color, based on who their parents are, what their background is, and not based on the value that they can bring to the organization.”

This does not just happen to employees but to employers as well. Andrew recounted the recent experience of a small construction company in the middle of Texas, whose owner said that it was “a God-fearing business that wanted to bless their customers” in the job posting on Indeed’s Trust and Safety team said this description of his organization violated their community standards and refused to accept his job postings.

If you want a job that offers you a workplace environment that appreciates a strong work ethic and believes in freedom rather than restricts it, check out Find the freedom to live your values out loud.

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