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The Labor Market Churn Continues: One-Third of Millennial and Gen Z Workers Want to Switch Jobs

Breaking News: PwC Global Workforce survey shows 26% of workers looking for impactful work, up from 19% last year

As the pundits announce the end of the Great Resignation, employees are saying “not-so-fast.”

A recent global workforce survey administered by PwC showed that 31% of millennials and 35% of Zoomers are planning to switch jobs within the next year.

That’s literally one-third of younger workers changing positions.

Currently, there are a staggering 10.1 million open positions in the United States, which means that for every job-seeker there are two unfilled jobs available.

This data also matches Gallup’s 2023 State of the Global Workforce report, which showed that only 31% of U.S. workers are fully engaged at their place of work.

One culprit for all the motivation to change is the rise of activist Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion HR departments, including gender and ethnicity-based promotions, trainings, and other perks.

“The rise of worker dissatisfaction in the workplace coincides exactly with the rise of divisive DEI policies,” commented RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes.

With workplaces failing to offer merit-based recognition and enjoyable, non-partisan workplace environments, young workers with their career ahead of them are looking for greener pastures.

“Tens of thousands of job seekers are leaving woke companies and coming to RedBalloon looking for new careers,” continued Crapuchettes. “We encourage businesses to create a strong employer brand and to take steps to retain their current employees. In a tight labor market, workers are businesses’ most valuable asset.” is America’s #1 non-woke job board. Sign up to learn more about finding reliable, effective workers, without all the woke nonsense.

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Young workers with their careers ahead of them are searching for better opportunities because their current organizations do not provide merit-based recognition or pleasant, nonpartisan work environments. geometry dash subzero


Out West
Out West
Jul 08, 2023

If there really are "a staggering 10.1 million open positions in the United States" then why is it so difficult (impossible) for highly qualified people to find a job? Is it because these companies discriminate based on culture, color, ethnicity, religion, and political views?


I quit my job at a publicly traded fintech for pushing the vax and all their ESG and HR inclusiveness (that ultimately excludes a core group of workers). I haven't looked back...


Jun 22, 2023

You can thank the Biden Admin for forcing publicly traded companies with a certain number of staff to hire DEI training departments… I work at Ford Motor Company as a designer and it’s moving in that direction…

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