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The Minority Majority

Rick Amato, BizPac Review | February 24, 2022

When you’re in the minority, claim you represent the majority – in order to rule them. In order to manipulate them into believing you’ve got the right to rule.

That tactic was first and most famously used by Lenin – who had the temerity to style his minority communist following “Bolsheviks,” which means majority in Russian. He also had the political savvy – irrespective of its immorality – to portray the majority who opposed communism as “Mensheviks” . . . the Russian word for minority.

Canada’s curly-locked Lenin – perhaps Castro is more apt – is following the same playbook.

He has framed all Canadians who oppose the endless “mandates” his government has imposed – such as the wearing of “masks” in perpetuity, the shuttering of businesses and the right to work being contingent upon getting jabbed – as a minority of “racists,” “misogynists” and fringe extremists.

With himself representing the majority of Canadians.

Notwithstanding, he became Prime Minister with the support of just 32.2 percent of the electorate.

Canada has a parliamentary/coalition-style government wherein a simple majority – even if in the minority – is sufficient to achieve the prime ministership. And to rule over the majority.

In this case, the 67.8 percent who didn’t support his elevation to the prime ministership.

Canadian lawyer and activist Tabitha Ewert of ARPA Canada, a grassroots Christian advocacy group, understands exactly what minority-ruler Justin Trudeau is trying to do. She works in downtown Ottawa, the epicenter of the Freedom Convoy, which has just been brutally dispersed by the Trudeau regime – using “emergency” powers that gave Trudeau Castro-like dictatorial power to threaten the lawful, peaceful expression of grievances by Canadian citizens, to trample some of them with horses and to seize the bank accounts of people who committed the sin of airing support for the truckers.

“This is too much,” she told Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO of in an interview that aired on Rumble earlier this week – referring not only to the “mandates” which have been imposed but the despicable characterization by Trudeau of anyone who questions their endlessness as some kind of violent extremist.

“We need to be rolling back this government over-reach,” she said. “We need to be talking about the rights and freedoms we’re supposed to have as citizens.”

Ewert doesn’t drive a big rig herself, but that’s just her point. The Freedom Convoy isn’t just a truckers protest. The truckers merely led the way – and along the way, picked up the support of millions of Canadians – including Ewert – who believe it’s not just a trucker’s cause but everyone who lives in Canada’s cause.

Ewert – like so many of her fellow Canadians – supported the peaceful attempt by frustrated truckers to express their grievances with the endless “mandates,” most especially as regards those which deny truckers and others their right to work unless they get the shots. Plural, to reflect the fact that it’s not just the one shot – as initially promised. The rules dictate getting as many shots as the Trudeau government decrees are required, irrespective of the astounding fact that the shots clearly aren’t effective – else why the need for more of them?

Whoever heard of “vaccines” which don’t immunize?

Which don’t prevent those who take them from getting sick or spreading sickness?

Which – at best – only reduce symptoms of sickness for a matter of months?

And yet, the Trudeau government absolutely insists that everyone submit to these shots that aren’t vaccines and aren’t time-tested for negative effects – notwithstanding that about 84 percent of the population has already had at least one shot.

Because it’s not really about the shots.

It’s about control.

It has become crystal clear that Trudeau’s sickness is power-lust and an unwillingness to give it up. In addition to demonizing the peaceful protestors, he even has had the audacity to characterize a Jewish member of Canada’s Parliament as a swastika-snuggler and has colluded with financial institutions to seize the bank accounts of anyone who disagrees with anything he says.

The truckers who drove their rigs to Ottawa aren’t “racists,” “misogynists” or “fringe” people. They were simply too many people. The sight of them – and the huge crowds of people who came to show their support for them – made it impossible for Trudeau to portray them as the minority, easily dismissed.

As RedBalloon’s Crapuchettes said in the course of his interview with Erwert, “When you are not alone, it’s a lot easier to be brave.” That’s precisely why the Convoy posed such a threat to Trudeau, who wants everyone to be afraid. “But when you are alone, you think, ‘shoot, am I the only one who thinks the way I do’?"

And that is precisely what Canada’s curly-haired Castro wants them to think.

But the world knows better now. And also knows what to think . . . about Trudeau.

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