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Unjustly Fired and Proud of It with Paul Davis

Notes from the Producer

Did you know that you don't have to attend your company's next CRT training? Today's guest will help you know how and when to assert your rights at work. In today's episode, lawyer Paul Davis shares how he took a stand for freedom at the nation's capital and became the victim of a slanderous twitter mob.

The disastrous fallout resulted in Paul losing his dream job, his home, his friends, and even his fiancé. When it seemed that he couldn't sink any lower, his career caught a fresh wind. As The Fired Up Texas Lawyer, he has saved hundreds of jobs that would have been lost due to vaccine mandates, and championed the rights of his fellow Americans in cases from election integrity to social media censorship.

Paul also talks about the rights that everyday Americans have in the workplace, and how to exercise them. He shares the legal benefits of being an open conservative, and takes us on a deep dive into a case he is handling involving shocking examples of pornography in public schools, and a witch hunt against the only school board member willing to speak out against the inappropriate material.

Paul Talks About

  • How he was attacked by capitol police with tear gas and flash bang grenades while peaceably protesting along with women, children, and the elderly on January 6th.

  • The slanderous tweet that went viral and cost him his job.

  • The dark road that he walked after losing his dream job, home, friends, and fiancé.

  • How God stepped into Paul's darkest moment and the thriving law practice that came out of that intervention.

  • How Americans can strategically push back against wokeness in their workplace.

  • The legal advantages of coming out conservative in your company.

  • Paul's plans for a webinar on employee rights.

  • His current case in Texas revealing shocking pornography being shown to public school kindergarteners.

  • The ludicrous legal attack that this Texas school has launched against the only board member willing to speak out against the inappropriate material.

Katie's Favorite Quotes

"If you do stand up for your rights...the employer cannot retaliate against you for that."

-Paul Davis, Fired Up TX Lawyer

“It's not always pleasant to do the right thing and stand up for freedom but when you do, you're doing a great service for other people, which is more important sometimes than your own comfort.”

-Andrew Crapuchettes

Freedom Focus

Step 1: Don't put up with CRT nonsense at work! Ask for a religious accommodation to skip your next CRT training.

Step 2: Don’t suffer silently! Remember that if you are discriminated against at work and you report it to HR, you will have a much stronger legal position if you experience further discrimination.

Step 3: Follow Paul Davis at his website or on social media. You can find him at FiredUpTXLawyer on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, GETTR, and Truth Social.

Stay tuned so you can learn more about your workplace rights in his upcoming webinar!

Thanks for joining this conversation with yet another freedom-loving guest who is willing to do what is right, no matter the cost. I hope it inspires you in your career and life!

Take Action, and Take Heart,


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