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Week in Review: 6 Billion Reasons Not to Go Woke

All you need to know about what you need to know!

April 14, 2023

1. Three is a crowd? A recent study found that hiring managers are apparently much more likely to overlook a job seeker if their resume includes the pronouns “they/them.” A survey showed that four in ten hiring managers think that pronouns present an issue for the workplace. Read more here.

2. Leaving Twitter? Kalkidan Meyer explains why PBS is leaving the free-speech platform, and why Bud Light lost 5% of it’s market share in this “Week in Review.”

3. Is CEI the new DEI? Read about how the Corporate Equity Index (CEI) index is used to pressure companies to go woke, in this Washington Examiner story. Read more here.

4. Backs against the wall. The recent jobs reports from the BLS show that the US economy is still near “full-employment.” Yet, there’s a shortage of qualified workers, which is posing challenges for small businesses in an already difficult economy. Read more from the NFIB here.

5. CEO Andrew Crapuchettes on the Steve Deace Show to show how RedBalloon pushes back on the rising cancel culture in corporate America. Watch here.

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