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Week in Review: Are Skills Being Nudged Out?

All you need to know about what you need to know!

April 28, 2023

1. Are Skills Being Nudged Out? Called, the “Diversity Nudge,” LinkedIn will recommend that you reduce the skills you are asking for in a job-seeker search, so that you can increase the diversity of the results. Read more here.

2. Woke Code Violations? A major job board cancelled a conservative company’s job listing for using descriptive language such as “We are a God fearing, freedom-loving company.” Read PJ Media’s report on this here.

3. DEI vs Skills. Where Do Companies Focus? Some startling facts about the amount of time and energy companies are putting into skills training versus DEI training for their workforce.

4. Hello Again. Fatigued by the jobs report and overall labor market? CEO Andrew Crapuchettes breaks down the historic considerations you need to realize when analyzing today’s jobs numbers.

5. AI Hiring Tug-of-War. 66% of job candidates would not apply to a job if AI was used in the hiring decisions, yet small businesses are relying on AI to be able to sift through hundreds of applications. Read more here.

6. Level Up. In this Week in Review, CEO Andrew Crapuchettes breaks down the latest trends in the job market.

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