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Week in Review: DEI Exposed Yet Again, Pizza Gets Airborne, and the Woke-O-Meter Tackles the NFL

DEI renders workplace teams ineffective. That’s the finding of a new RedBalloon study on the effects of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – adding to our 3-part series on DEI.

Our previous reports highlighted the divisive nature introduced by the "D" in DEI, as well as the exclusionary aspects associated with the "E." In this final installment, we shed light on how the "I" in DEI contributes to workplace ineffectiveness.

DEI focuses on rewarding people for their gender or ethnicity, not for their hard work and accomplishments. That means the most talented, skilled job seekers may get passed over for promotion because they don’t have the correct ethnic profile.

This methodology is 180 degrees opposite of the engine that drives the free market economy. That’s why DEI policies make the workplace ineffective and harm businesses’ bottom line.

Read the full report at

Also this week, the NFL rolled out its promotion of the National Gay Flag Football League. Why does this matter? If you’re an employee of faith with a long career in the NFL, your employer is now forcing you to choose between your job and your values. And a lot of employees are being forced into this dilemma. That’s why RedBalloon has over 20 thousand visitors every single week looking for new careers, without all the woke nonsense.

Look for the NFL’s woke-o-meter rating in the coming week on our social media feed.

More football: it looks like New Yorkers won’t get wood fired pizza for the big games this year. That’s because New York’s extreme officials want to force all businesses with wood fired pizza ovens to install filters that can each cost up to $20K. One protestor’s video of him hucking pizza at city hall went viral with millions of views - New York’s version of the Boston Tea Party.

And, on the viral front, our new ad now has over 9 million views online. Be sure to check it out on our Social media sites. And go check out our partner who helped create the ad, BiG Agency.

Finally, be sure to stay tuned to in the coming week as we prepare to rollout some exciting new resume search features.

As always, if you are looking for values aligned, motivated job seekers, look no farther. Come to, and find your incredible hire.

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