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Week in Review: Go Woke, Go Broke

All you need to know about what you need to know!

March 31, 2023

1. Don't Take Your Eye Off the Ball. Business leaders are struggling to come up with a game plan for how their companies should handle social issues in a politically charged environment. But these distractions from their core business mission hurt their companies. Read more here.

2. Knock It Off. A recent poll by Trafalgar that found nearly 80% of consumers don’t want companies to virtue signal on the latest woke cause. Read more here.

3. Skills Over Signals. Andrew Crapuchettes, the CEO of RedBalloon, appeared on a Forbes Talks to discuss the growing Freedom Economy, cancel culture, and the impact that diversity initiatives are having in corporate America.

4. She Found Success. An employer shares her story about how her business was saved because she found culturally aligned hires.

5. Go woke, go broke. CEO Andrew Crapuchettes offers an analysis of the mounting evidence of companies who go woke, and how they will probably go broke in this “Week in Review.”

6. Catchy Quote:

“Many of the DEI policies that are in corporate America today are actually racist because they're discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation, based on their skin color, based on who their parents are, what their background is, not based on what’s the value that they can bring to the organization.” -- Andrew Crapuchettes

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