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Week in Review: Is Big Tech Dumping US Jobs?

All you need to know about what you need to know!

May 19, 2023

1. We've Cranked Up the Woke-O-Meter: Paychex HR and payroll company received the first rating by the new Woke-O-Meter. See how they rated here.

2. Not Your Grandmother’s Needlepoint: Here’s a compelling story from the RedBalloon files about how a longtime employee handled his company’s vaccine push. Read more here.

3. Remote Tug-O-War Continues. Elon Musk points out the seeming unfairness of the "laptop class" being able to work from home while other workers physically go to work. Read more here.

4. Bait and Switch: What did Silicon Valley do after their massive layoffs? You shouldn’t be surprised. Read more here.

5. Shifting Tides: Coastal cities witness exodus of low-wage workers and college grads alike. Read more here.

6. Unlock the Labor Market Secrets: Dive into this week's 'Week in Review' for exclusive insights by RedBalloon's CEO!

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