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Week in Review: No More Woke Nonsense

The Labor Market “Week in Review”

All you need to know about what you need to know!

April 21, 2023

1. D stands for Divisive. RedBalloon released a report on the division in the workforce being driven by woke DEI initiatives. For example, nearly 20% of hiring managers are mandated to not consider hiring certain ethnicities. Read more here.

2. Who's winning the tug-of-war: Employers are winning the remote work tug-of-war, as bosses are now paying workers to move closer to their places of work. Read more here.

3. Companies must value values. A recent study by LinkedIn shows that 68% of the global workforce consider it important to work with values-aligned companies. Read more here.

4. Confidence shortage. 80% of US workers don’t feel professionally or financially secure in their current positions, according to the April Workforce Report from iCIMS. Read more here.

5. Thinner bird. Elon Musk confirmed that Twitter has downsized 80% of the company’s workforce, while running 80% faster in some of its processes. Read more here.

6. Be a know-it-all. CEO Andrew Crapuchettes breaks down the latest labor market news in this “Week in Review.”

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