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Woke Mandates Limit Hiring Opportunities

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 32 percent of employers still require COVID-19 vaccinations. Although this is down from 34 percent in 2021, this number continues to remain surprisingly high despite the ever-tightening labor market.

Current job openings sit at 10.7 million with only 5.7 million American workers available to fill them, according to the Job Opening and Labor Turnover survey published monthly by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means that there are 1.9 jobs for every available worker. Companies are in an all-out war for available talent, and they are becoming creative with how they attract job seekers.

Despite the competitive labor market, Big Tech and other major corporations are seeking to overlay their hiring practices with woke dictates that eliminate potentially capable candidates from consideration. According to Resume Builder, nearly 20 percent of hiring managers have been told to eliminate white American candidates from their pool of consideration.

The reality is that companies are playing with fire when they implement woke policies like the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and DEI initiatives because it cuts down on their already limited candidate pool.

If your company is looking to get ahead in this labor market, you need to analyze your candidates based on merit, experience, and work ethic - not their skin color. Consider hiring through RedBalloon to connect with qualified candidates who want to be evaluated by their merit and not their skin color.

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