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Woke-O-Meter Alert: NFL Fumbles Again - Embraces National Gay Flag Football League

The NFL has been pivoting from sports and into social woke policies for several years, and fans – many of which come from traditional family values households – have held their collective noses to continue viewing, although with some frustration.

It appears surviving Colin Kaepernick’s anti-America movement, and the scandal BLM divisiveness, wasn’t enough for the NFL. Now, the NFL is actively promoting the “National Gay Flag Football League” NGFFL. In fact, they even had NFL films produce a glowing documentary.

Do you ever wonder why sports can’t just be about sports? And beer just about beer?

Why does the NFL, and others like the LA Dodgers, feel the need to promote woke sexual content ideology? Why the fixation here?

And what about the NFL’s employees and players whose values are violated by these celebrations of woke causes? What accommodation are they given?

If sports is to become a social virtue signaling event, then when do viewers get the traditional-family-of-faith football league? Did you see NFL films’ feature on that? No?

Well, of course not, because they didn’t produce one.

For promoting and celebrating a national gay flag football league, the NFL has earned a woke-o-meter rating of super-woke.

Watch our Woke-O-Meter video here:

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