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Woke-O-Meter: LA Dodgers Mock Women of Faith

The Los Angeles Dodgers aren’t hiding that they’re from uber-woke California.

And, they’ve managed to break the Woke-O-Meter with their latest stunt–one that puts every faith-based LA Dodgers employee in a highly compromised position.

Nobody should have to choose between their values and their job. But, more and more employers are jumping headlong into the woke culture and forcing their employees to support woke ideology.

But the Dodgers went to the extreme, choosing to honor a perverse group of cross-dressing men whose only claim-to-fame is mocking Catholic nuns in the most obscene of ways.

And, the Dodgers are using their Friday night home game to honor this group with the “Heroes of the Community” award, in front of 50,000 fans.


For the LA Dodgers bestowing the “Community Hero Award” on the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, they earn a score that the woke-o-meter doesn’t even measure–“Off the Charts Woke.”

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Ann Green
Ann Green
7 days ago

It's no secret that the Los Angeles Dodgers are from California, a state that is rapidly awakening. Allow the awakened culture to permeate your professional life, and develop a position with a reputable organization that won't pressure you to compromise your moral principles. Happy Wheels

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