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Woke-O-Meter: Paychex Company Shows How Not to Build Employee Morale

America is quickly waking up to the reality that so-called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies are nothing more than repackaged racism.

Case-in-point is Paychex HR Company’s latest move, which made our Woke-O-Meter go off.

The company, a leading provider of human resources, payroll, and benefits services, recently teamed up with McKinsey & Co to launch a leadership training program for employees.

Sounds good so far, right?

But, there’s a catch. The leadership training, which has the goals of “improving talent pipelines” and “investing in future leaders,” is offered “first come, first served for Asian, Black, and Hispanic/Latino employees."

Yep. The training announcement actually stipulates that only certain ethnicities are worthy of being trained for leadership! If that doesn’t violate the 1964 Civil Rights Acts, then perhaps nothing does.

Unfortunately, cases like these are becoming the rule, not the exception.

For example, AT&T's DEI training stated that "American racism is a uniquely white trait," and they are now being sued for reverse discrimination.

And, according to ResumeBuilder, one in six hiring managers has been told not to hire white men.

With discriminatory practices becoming universally accepted under the guise of “diversity,” it’s no wonder that worker productivity and overall workplace satisfaction are at all-time lows. Only one-third of employees are engaged at work, which means that two of every three workers are not thriving or performing at their best. And, worker productivity has declined for five quarters straight, leading to the lowest drop in the last fifty years.

This is why RedBalloon has become the number one hybrid job board in America’s freedom economy. Employers and workers are fed up with woke workplace nonsense and want something better.

15,000 job seekers visit our site every week, and they are getting connected to businesses that offer them freedom and satisfying work.

One thing is clear – divisive workplace policies will continue to hurt company culture.

And, many of these companies, like Paychex, will see an exodus of their best people as employees search for less discriminatory businesses.

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