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Woke-O-Meter: Starbucks Doubles Down with Pride

The Woke-O-Meter has been cranking out reviews as corporate America continues to suffer woke-backlash, and this time Starbucks has stepped up to the dunk tank.

The decreasingly popular coffeehouse chain had quite the whiplash last week when, initially, Starbucks stores were displaying LGBTQ-themed flags and decorations, but upon review of Bud Light and Target’s fate, the Starbucks corporate brass appeared to pull back on the LGBTQ excess, or so we’re told.

That, of course, brought out the woke mob, and the Starbucks Workers Union claimed that the renowned coffeehouse chain had ordered employees to remove pride decorations and flags.

And the reaction quickly produced a boisterous denial from team Starbucks that they had pulled back on anything. Starbucks announced that their support for pride month is unwavering.

And not only that, but last month they launched an ad in India promoting transgenderism, while celebrating pride month with rainbow-colored cups and tumblers.

All this pride promotion whiplash has earned Starbucks a Woke-O-Meter rating of “Super Woke.”

“It almost seemed as if Starbucks wanted workplace freedom for their employees,” said RedBalloon spokesperson Kalkidan Meyer. “But then they quickly demonstrated that they had not learned from the examples of Bud Light and Target.”

“Consumers are finally taking notice, and I expect sales at Starbucks to join Target and Bud Light in a race to the cellar. Because if you go woke, you’ll go broke,” added Kalkidan.

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