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Woke-O-Meter Warning: Skittles Earns Rating with Race-Based Transgender Packaging

Skittles have long been known for their many flavors and bright shades, but now they’re showing their true colors, deciding they care more about virtue-signaling and woke agendas than they do about their core consumers and employees.

Mars Incorporated, Skittles’ parent company, partnered with the pro-LGBTQ group GLAAD, and swapped some of its bright-colored packaging for new pro-LGBTQ illustrations and messaging.

Kalkidan Meyer, spokesperson for RedBalloon said, “Consumers have been vocal that they don’t want businesses forcing these extreme ideologies on them and their children. So how does Skittles respond? They double down on extremist, fringe woke ideology. Hasn’t anyone learned from the Bud Light or Target examples?”

Even worse than these other examples, the target demographic of the Skittles brand is mostly minors, and despite this, they chose to force woke ideologies and agendas into the well-known brand, potentially influencing young minds.

Meyer also said that “this message is targeted to your kids.” Because of this, RedBalloon scored the candy maker as “Super Woke” on their Woke-O-Meter.

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