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Your Politics Matter More Than Your Work

Gender-identity is now more important than job performance

At one time, professionalism and a strong work ethic were what made you a valued employee and determined a business’s success.

However, in today’s workplace identity politics take precedence over a focus on excellence and accomplishment at work, and HR departments are pushing employers to evaluate people based on their political and personal views.

In a recent survey, 91% of corporate workers surveyed said that they attended corporate training programs on diversity, equity, and inclusion compared to just 67% that said they attended company training for “on-the-job" skills. It is hard to imagine how that will set up a business to succeed if workers are being evaluated for ideology rather than skills and accomplishments.

SHRM recently published an article entitled “Prevailing Over the Perils of Coming Out at Work: How employers can advance LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace.” It explained how employers are more supportive than ever of the LGBTQ community and yet “absolute equality for LGBTQ employees is an ongoing struggle,” so we can expect the push for increased diversity to continue.

That system didn’t really work out for Silicon Valley Bank, who, in their last few years, became known more for their woke virtue signaling than for their successful funding of new technologies.

The marketplace can be challenging. There are tremendous opportunities, but also substantial risks. For businesses to thrive, they must remain focused on their core mission. DEI policies are proving to be a fatal attraction.

For businesses that want to hire employees based on their accomplishments, not on their agenda, RedBalloon is perfect. RedBalloon offers a platform for businesses to connect with employees who want to showcase their talents and work ethic.

What makes or breaks a business is its workers, not their ideologies. Hire the right workers for you today.

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Sound Clami
Sound Clami
6 days ago

This article slice master hits the nail on the head regarding the current job market.

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