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DEI’s Divisiveness Manifesting Itself in the Declining Workplace

Did you know that one in six hiring managers have been instructed to discriminate in their hiring practices by ethnicity?

This isn’t a lingering Jim Crow discrimination story from the deep south. Rather, this is today’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) hiring culture, where businesses are hiring not based on skills and productivity, but rather based on discriminatory practices of hiring by race, gender, and even political ideology.

According to a November 2022 survey of hiring managers by,

  • 1 in 6 have been asked to deprioritize hiring white males

  • 48% have been asked to prioritize diversity over skills, experience, and other qualifications

  • 53% of hiring managers believe their jobs will be in danger if they don’t hire enough diverse employees

This is just one example of the growing DEI influence in the American workplace. Companies spent over $8 billion last year on DEI training, with 91% of corporate workers saying they had been required to attend some iteration of DEI training.

Not coincidentally, the rise of DEI has also coincided with increased disaffection among American workers.

A recent study by the Alliance for Defending Freedom found that 60% of American workers were afraid to speak up in the workplace, feeling they must either hide their faith or political views or risk being punished by employers. But at the same time, companies are pushing left-leaning DEI training that is chalk full of political ideology.

That could be why only one-third of employees say they are “engaged” in the workplace, an historic low. And 96% of American workers intend to seek new jobs in 2023, according to a study by Yes, that’s 96%.

Look at what happened with Tabia Lee, a black women recruited to direct the DEI department at De Anza Community College in Cupertino, California. You would think that her years of experience would make her a perfect fit for the school. But no. Apparently she was guilty of “whitesplaining” and reinforcing “white supremacy” by simply setting agendas for meetings and trying to present differing viewpoints on racial injustice.

Now, not only does DEI tell people not to hire workers because of their skin color, but it also ostracizes minorities who dare to disagree with their political ideology.

It was Ben Franklin who noted that free thought and free enterprise are inseparable. A healthy workplace allows diversity of thought and opinion but requires unanimity of focus on the company mission. DEI requires unanimity of thought and opinion, even if it does real damage to the company mission.

And that’s what we’re seeing today – the destructive effects of DEI’s growing dominance in the American workplace.

At RedBalloon, we post jobs from companies who assign value to their employees based on their skills, work ethic, and accomplishments, not their race, gender, or political ideology. If you want to work freely, check us out at and apply to companies that value freedom, responsibility, and self-direction.

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